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Enhancing Digital Agility

Engineering software evolution to create high-value impact



Cloud-hosted software services, code migration and refactoring services. Legacy code transformation. Analyse and visualise changes to your code and repository before implementation


Consulting and due-diligence for software technology companies . Agile and lean development methods; agile method tailoring. Utilising our experienced team to offer advice and roadmap improvements


Technical reviews, evaluations and audits to help you understand where your technical debt lies as well as improvement recommendations


Technical Debt Audit

We have developed and deployed an audit tool to assess the impact of proprietary software growth with improvement strategies.

"Red Ocelot impressed the UCLAN team with their insights and value for money. RedOcelot delivered on-time and on budget. The organisation responded to our need with a high degree of professionalism. They built trust and confidence in a wide set of stakeholders. The UCLAN team would be extremely happy to engage Red Ocelot again in the future."


Professor Ian Allison, Executive Dean. - University of Central Lancashire, Faculty of Science and Technology



Why The Name?

Our name reflects the ethos of the company and the way in which we do business. Utilising the colour red to symbolise the energised and passionate approach to delivering value to our clients. The Ocelot part of our name comes from one of the worlds most agile cats. Its individual uniqueness in look as well as its ability to adapt to its surroundings was the perfect parallel to reflect our business offering and teams ability to pivot and adapt the approach to suit the specific requirements and needs of the solution we are providing.

The Red Ocelot Solution

Red Ocelot is an agile digital solutions company providing technology and services, adding value to your business and employees. Thought-leaders in agile, lean and cloud-hosted software services.

Legacy software is hard to maintain.  Re-engineering an entire solution is expensive. Wrappering legacy applications is not always possible. We can offer incremental transformation strategies that integrate with current practitioner workflows.

Red Ocelot provides software and service solutions to enhance and streamline your workflow. We also offer coding and market advice, audits and reviews through our valued advisors.



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