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Case Study

Product Redevelopment


Software Vendor


Project Aim

To provide advice and support for a product redevelopment with a focus on extensibility and risk elimination.

Image by Startaê Team

What we did

  • Established an incremental redevelopment roadmap

  • Facilitated weekly progress meetings

  • Advised and instructed throughout to ensure high quality product delivery


  • A redeveloped product with streamlined deployment and installation

  • Adoption of an incremental agile development process

  • Migration to currently supported development platform and programming language releases

  • Enhanced coding standards and improved product architecture to support future enhancement

Image by X
Person Analyzing Data


  • Elimination of brand and security risks arising from original legacy product

  • Reduced costs of future feature enhancements

  • Reduced delivery time for future enhancements

  • Simplified software update and migration paths

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