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Case Study

Software Product Audit


Software Vendor


Project Aim

To assess the client’s software product from a business and technical perspective and make recommendations about viability as well as product design and implementation enhancements.

Meeting Between Colleagues

What we did

  • Reviewed and evaluated the current status of the system for the purpose of further evolution and commercialisation

  • Conducted interviews with technical stakeholders

  • Performed technical review of source code and documentation

  • Undertook product market assessment

What we delivered

  • Technical report

  • Recommendations

    • How to prioritise risk remediation

    • How and why to optimize software source code quality and structure

Wall of ideas


  • Comprehensive route towards code improvement 

  • A roadmap to help prioritise product evolution 

  • Information and evidence to allow key stakeholders to make informed decisions in future

Follow on

From the analysis conducted and recommendations given, RedOcelot was asked to assist in implementing the roadmap for code improvement


“The review employed an innovative technical debt approach and the report we received was balanced in its feedback, highlighting critical improvements. This approach was extremely helpful in highlighting the legacy challenges and the need for investment to maintain the quality and value of the product.

Further, the thorough analysis has allowed us to see opportunities for improvement relating to cyber security, cloud deployment and scalability. We are now planning our future commercialisation of the product alongside the software engineering enhancements proposed by Red Ocelot.”

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